Gi2C Group Looks For Candidates With A Positive Disposition

October 07, 2015
People who want to serve in internship roles in China would be wise to seek out the help of Gi2C Group. It is an organization that provides people in the western world with opportunities to intern for some of the most successful companies and corporations in China. However, Gi2C Group is looking for a certain breed of candidates—those with a positive disposition, the ability to learn about other cultures and business environments, and enthusiasm. They want to ensure that every intern they place will become an invaluable asset to the company during the time he or she is with the business.
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Ci2C Group Works With Corporate Partners

September 20, 2015
There was a time when a university degree was as good as a golden ticket where it concerned employment in the Western world. But, the fact is that there employment figures are pretty scary for someone who has just gotten out of college and is looking to enter the business world soon. Many people are now seeing China as the great land of opportunity when it comes to employment. They have flocked there in large numbers but many do not get the best opportunity they could because they don't make use of Gi2C Group. This is a company that helps young people to obtain internships in China. Ci2C Group works with corporate partners so that they can offer intern positions to overseas interns. By getting their foot in the door at a Chinese corporation or company, interns are learning more about an economy that is in the midst of thirty years of explosive growth.
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